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Apr 14
Apr 14

YES. Omg.
Apr 11

wow fuck you guys


wow fuck you guys

Apr 11
Apr 11



This is actually the cutest thing ever okay

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Apr 08

Anonymous asked: You should post a striptease video



Apr 08

quote I think there’s a lot to be said about loving from a distance.
It takes more phone calls and more reassurance,
It takes more tossing in your bed at night, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in by yourself,
It takes more emotion than typical love takes.
Being around someone twenty-four hours a day is easy.
You hold their hand or pick the eye lash off their cheek and hold it out for them to make a wish or buy their favourite tea at the store.
There’s a lot of physical ways to let someone know you love them,
But there really aren’t many ways to let someone know you love them when you’re hundreds of miles apart.
So you find yourself saying “I miss you” 17 times a day
Or “I love you” slipping itself into conversation in places that, had it not been for distance, would otherwise be cold and loveless.
Loving is hard from a distant.
It’s hard and it’s tiring and it’s heartbreaking at times,
But god damn, if you really love the person, it’s worth it.

Mar 27


attempting to hide your desperate need for breath after a short flight of stairs

Mar 26

Mar 12


She steps out of the shower to a waiting beauty beside her.

The ones you see toweling off in the sand.

Slick wet hair plastered to her neck.

Cropped to her jaw like the tough tom boys she secretly glorifies.

Her heart beats inside her.

Broad shoulders and collar bones. Long, flowing, round curves silhouetting her body.

She smiles and is mimicked in her reflection.
In that moment she not only sees the splendor but the potential her body displays.

For a moment she sees herself as a stranger. A lovely stranger.

A confident one.

An excitement rages from within. This is what satisfaction feels like. This is what it means.

Naked with myself, I have no fear to hide.